Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flapper Attire

Last Thursday (June 21) Mercy Lounge hosted a RAWartists Showcase. It was basically a bunch of local artists showing off their awesome stuff in a place that served overly expensive alcohol. And it was FUN.

I actually had no intention of going to this show, whatsoever, because 1) I'm not so down with the hipster scene and 2) the theme for the show was the 1920s. Now, don't get me wrong: I love the fashion from some of the past decades and sometimes think I was born in the wrong one; however, I must say the loose, pleated clothing that aimed for the boyish figure of the Roaring 20s is not one of my favs. And at this show, people were encouraged to dress the part and all my friends were going as flappers. No thanks.

Well, of course I got talked into going because, you all should know by now, that I can't say no. (This is turning into a very expensive vice). Anyway, the ticket was only $10 and there was art and live music! How could I not go?!

Heavy sigh... Fine.

So after a full two days of frantically searching the internet, my closet, and even some thrift stores for something to wear, I decided to go for more of a 'daytime' look. I chose a white dress that I had not worn in years but hung loose on me, so I thought it'd be fine for that 'boyish' look. I also went with some black heels, a gorgeous pearl necklace from Kacey, and a black sequined headband that I borrowed from Jennifer, a new friend, who just-so-happened to have had a 20s-themed birthday party last year. Good enough!

When we got there I realized that all my stressing was, of course, useless because there were plenty of people who did not dress the part. But it didn't matter anymore because I actually felt cute. I usually feel cute when I wear heels because people stare at me, which probably has more to do with the fact that I tower over everyone and nothing to do with what I am wearing. But it's all in how you view things, folks. I choose to believe it's because I'm breathtakingly beautiful and nothing else!

Anyway, the art was amazing. We looked around at all the photography and paintings, and jewelry. The stuff those people came up with was really fun to look at. It's crazy to see how different my [what I like to believe is a] creative mind is from other creative minds. It never fails to amaze me, which is why I never regret going to one of these shows.

They also showcased a music video, a fashion show, two music bands, and a comedian. All of which were amazing. Except the comedian. He was the last to go on and was pretty much a train wreck. I couldn't bear to watch him and we were hungry by that time, so we did not stay for the whole thing. Poor guy.

I definitely did not regret going to this show. I got to hang out with some awesome people, discovered a great new band, The Hardin Draw (mix between Zach Brown and Mumford and Sons), and fell in love with my white dress all over again! I can't wait to see what I'll benefit from the next time I'm talked into something I don't really want to do.

Many thanks to our very own paparazzi, Amber, for taking all the pics at all our events! It's always nice to have someone force us to take pics so we can remember what we did (and so I can show them off).

Most of the Group

Kay, Me, and Amber

Kacey and I

Monday, June 18, 2012

My First Kayak Adventure

One really cool thing that came out of my Old-People Watching trip was my very first kayak trip.

I'd been dying to go since pretty much, forever, and of course it came up in conversation in the car on the way to the recital. Somewhere in the conversation, I said, "Man, I wish I could go, like, tomorrow!" Then Sarah kind of raised her hand and said, "I'll go!"

Well, she didn't have to tell me twice! I immediately texted my new friends Amber and Anne, who I knew had been wanting to go. They were both super excited about it and didn't hesitate to say yes. Keep in mind this was at, maybe 7pm the day before. Just goes to show... I found the right girls to hang with!

So, I got up the next morning and headed to REI to get a dry bag. They convinced me to join their membership as I was checking out because I can't say no I know I'll be there again, and on the way home I could barely contain my excitement. I was SO ready! We met at my apartment and rode out there together. Anne and Amber got a canoe, and Sarah and I got kayaks.

We took the two and a half hour, 'Ballpark' tract because a) we were too late to do anything else, and b) we figured it'd be easy.

So, the Foggy Bottom Canoe people took us and our boats to the drop off point. This was kind of sketchy because there was no shoreline; you could only put in one boat at a time. We had to walk down a flight of concrete stairs that ended with just water. So, the guy who drove us to the drop off held the boat while we got inside. And after a very awkward encounter with his arm and my butt, I did actually get in the water, paddle and all, without tipping over (though it felt like I was going to). In fact, we all got in just fine without any more awkward encounters or tipping.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes, Sarah and I got the hang of the kayak thing. It was a lot of work because you can never really stop paddling, but it seemed easier to steer than the canoe...

Anne and Amber had quite the difficult time getting it to go in a straight line. It was pretty entertaining to watch them go in circles. We had plenty of time to turn and watch them.

And despite Sarah and I having to wait for Anne and Amber a couple times and very worn out arms, we all made it safely back to the take out point.

When we got in the car, I immediately regretted offering to drive because it took quite a large amount of work to lift my arms. But we were hungry and we couldn't spend the night there, so I sucked it up for a little longer, and off we went. To Arby's, which was, hands down, the BEST meal any of us had ever had. We all agreed unanimously on that one.

I'm pretty sure it was the most fun I've ever had on the water, and I couldn't wait to do it again!

We had the van to ourselves!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old-People Watching

Last Friday, Amy, one of the girls I work with (we started on the same day and work in Marketing together) very sweetly invited me to go with her to see her cousin play in a jazz quartet. His quartet's name is the Goodburgers (reminds me of the Kenan and Kel days - which may or may not be the point) and apparently they all go to some special music school in New York. Amy said her cousin plays his guitar around fourteen hours a day. This was her way of justifying us driving to Columbia, TN to see him (which I never actually minded in the least, but poor Amy felt like she needed to justify it 'in case it sucked').

Anyway, we met at Amy's house (she invited another girl from work as well) and, after meeting her absolutely adorable Goldendoodle, Franklin, we rode together to Columbia, TN. Out in the middle of BFE, if you ask me. And I'm sorry all of that rhymed. It was very unintentional.

We pulled up to the address given to us and the one Tom Tom said we should be at and realized we were at an American Legion.

Um. What?

We were expecting a bar because her cousin said they had a "gig." When I think of 'gig' I think of 'bar.' But we went inside anyway, walking past the group of very old men outside practicing their instruments on our way. When we got inside, we automatically realized we were the youngest people there. By about a hundred years. And we were under-dressed.

Well, at least we didn't have to pay that $10 cover I thought I saw mentioned on the Facebook group.

We found some chairs, sat down, and watched her cousin play about three songs. They were actually pretty great! They sounded like they'd been practicing together for a while. And quite a few of the elder people got up and did some couple-dancing, which was really fun to watch. Eighty year olds make for great people-watching (no offense, Granny!).

After the Goodburgers' set was finished, Amy played the mom card disturbingly well by taking pictures of her cousin and his group that played with him. She even got a close-up of the awful earring he was wearing that we only saw when he turned to the side. It looked like a tooth of some sort... We tried to figure it out later but failed.

We left about as quickly as we arrived and decided to go back to Nashville to an actual bar and have an actual drink, Amy apologizing the whole time, which was very unnecessary but cute all the same. I actually had a good time watching the old-school dancing.

In the car we established two things: one being that the set we'd just witnessed was not a gig, but more of a recital, and two, that we will not dance like those people did when we get older.

I mean, it was pretty cool to see the older generations ballroom dancing because no one dances like that anymore. Sarah mentioned that she wished she knew those dances because one day we'll be old and we won't know how to dance like that. I had never thought about that before. Those dances actually require you to remember steps instead of just grinding on one another. I just figured when we get old we'll be out there dancing to the Wobble and the Electric Slide, just like we do now. They thought that was funny, but I was completely serious. Why would it be any different from now when we get old? I don't think a distaste of rap (or knowledge of new dance steps, for that matter) comes with age. I've grown up with it and I fully intend to keep listening (and dancing) to it!

All in all, I thought it was a fun, educational night. I'd happily do it again!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shades of Awesome

So, our Meetup group had our first actual Meetup about the Color Run in Nashville in September (the Bar Crawl was more of a pre game). We met last Tuesday at my new favorite place to eat, Chipotle. This place is awesome. It's healthy Mexican food in the style of Subway. So cool. And pretty cheap, too.

Anyway, about 15 girls showed up, which I was really excited about, since it was kind of my idea to form a group in the first place. I was originally hoping to just get the minimum four required, but 15 is awesome! 

We spread out over about 4 tables and ate and talked and got to know some more girls. I'm sure the people eating/working at Chipotle were wondering what the hell we were doing. Some of us walked in and already knew each other and others we hadn't met we knew immediately upon their entering the building because they looked like lost puppies. We all knew that look/feeling because we'd all been there before! But I think we made all the new girls feel pretty welcome. They all seemed to have a decent time, anyway.

After we ate everyone was still chatting, and I figured we were never going to get out of there with a group name, which is required to register. So I stood up and suggested each table come up with a name and we'd all vote on which one we liked the best. Apparently, coming up with a team name is more difficult than it sounds. One of the tables got distracted and started planning a karaoke night (which I'm so down for, BTW), another couldn't come up with any at all, so that left two tables. Mine and another one that included all the girls I'd met before. 

We all got out our phones and started searching for lame names that had some kind of pun in them for colors. Some of our examples were: Ready, Set, Van Gogh (which we later found out was tweeted on the Color Run's Twitter, so we didn't go with that one), The Van Gogh Gogh's, Tempura Tantrums, etc. However, the one we all decided on was Shades of Awesome. That name pretty much won, hands down.

So, then we discussed our t-shirts. Kacey has a screen printer (jealous!) and offered to print a logo on our white Ts that we have to wear to run in. 

I got a wild hair the next day and decided to take a stab at the logo. I didn't expect to finish it that quickly, but I got excited about it once it started looking pretty cool. Here's what I came up with: